WPL04 2019 Total Praise Weekly Planner

Size: 6" x 8.75"
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Total Praise 2019 Weekly Planner

Praise dancing is a tradition often described as a free flowing expression of faith; a way to translate God’s love for us all through the art of dance and movement. With its earliest mentions found in the Old Testament, praise dance has become a way for so many to express their love and devotion to our Creator, all while incorporating the rich heritage and culture of modern dance. This year African American Expressions wanted to translate the raw emotion felt through liturgical dances into a weekly planner - one that is so alive with movement that you feel the true power coming through each page. 

  • Size: 6" x 8.75"
  • 2019 Weekly Planner with a leather-like buckle closure
  • Each monthly tab features the beautiful black art of Keith Conner
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