African American Throw Blankets

When you’re curled up in your favorite chair reading or enjoying a movie with the family, it can be nice to have a comfortable blanket to throw over your legs. At African American Expressions, we have a collection of beautiful black art tapestry throws that look as good hanging on your wall as they do thrown over your couch or chair. Made from 100% cotton, they feel great and will last a long time.

To make our African American tapestry throw blankets even more appealing, they carry fantastic designs that appeal to African Americans. Themes like black history, mothers and daughters, professing your faith and the Obamas give everyone a choice in throw design. Additionally, at 4’ by 5’, our black art throws are large enough to serve as an attractive bedspread or gorgeous wall hanging as well. They really are a mix of artful tapestry and handy throw blanket, giving you the best of both worlds!

As African Americans, it’s a real pleasure to find articles and gift items designed specifically with us in mind. If you’ve ever scoured large stores for Afrocentric objects, you’ve likely come back frustrated. That’s why African American Expressions exists. We take pride in offering a wide range of products that appeal to the style and sensibilities of our black American community as a whole. Our African American throw blankets are no exception —  they combine colors, images and messages that touch our hearts.

Can you think of someone who would enjoy a beautiful African American tapestry throw? Maybe a family member, friend or someone at your church or work? Our tasteful designs appeal to people of all ages and make a perfect gift for any occasion. Take a few minutes and browse through our online catalog. You’ll see large color photos and details on the material and size of each item. You will notice the deep colors, intricate designs and lovely fringe detail around the edge. Grab one for yourself and a few for friends and family who would appreciate a beautiful African American throw blanket!

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