BO143 Gods Language Bible Organizer

Size: 7.5" x 11" / 2 Compartments/ Removable Shoulder Strap/ Bible NOT Included
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‘God’s Language’ Bible Organizer

It doesn't matter which language you speak — God speaks them all. You simply have to bow your head and speak your heart in prayer, and God will hear you. As a reminder of this universal language, here at AAE, we offer our heartfelt and comforting ‘God's Language’ Bible organizer. The inscription reads: ‘Prayer / God's Love Language.’ As our lives get busier and more complicated, this simple message strikes through the noise and helps us to remember the importance of quiet prayer.

Reflect and Rejoice With Our Bible Organizers

Our Bible organizer combines this touching message with high-quality materials and practical features such as a sturdy zipper, pockets for storing various items and a built-in pen holder to make it a practical and useful gift. Make a list of the people in your life who would appreciate this great way to store and protect their Bible — and remember to buy one for yourself as well!