Canvas Art at African American Expressions

Here at African American Expressions, we appreciate art and décor that shows traditional African American designs, styles, and themes. Pieces that reflect us, by artists who represent us. We’re proud of our culture and history, and adding some of our wonderful wall hangings to your home can bring excitement and pizazz to your living space. It isn’t always easy to find a large selection of Afrocentric home décor and art in large stores. Don’t settle for a small selection! Instead check out our great wall hangings right here. Each piece of canvas art is created on a stretched piece of canvas, which is then mounted to a wooden support frame.

Not only do we offer many different designs that appeal to our community, but we also carry them in many different sizes. That means you can fit a decorative canvas wall hanging on any wall in your home. Our canvas art is typically displayed in homes, but it also looks great in many other settings; like your office, hanging in the church rec room, or any other location where you want to display beautiful Afrocentric art that also includes a positive, faith-based message.

A Way of Sharing Our Culture and Faith

As followers of Christ, we are tasked with speaking God’s truth to the people around us. Sometimes being a silent witness is equally effective. Displaying attractive black art with a message of faith and devotion is one great way to spread the Word of God to everyone who enters your home. Thanks to our collection of Afrocentric wall canvas art here at African American Expressions, you can combine beautiful, vibrant art with an important reminder of living our lives according to God’s word.

It’s also a great way to share our African American culture. Something as simple as an attractive canvas wall hanging can encourage questions and open a dialogue. Having a piece displayed prominently may even prompt your own children to ask about the particular imagery or messages, and want to learn more about their own culture.

Whether it’s for your own home or to offer as a gift to your family and friends, our African American-inspired wall art is sure to find a place in any home. At AAE, we make it easy to add more Afrocentric and Faith-inspired art as a way to celebrate what is important to our communities.

Art isn’t just about looking good. It can convey powerful and important messages to the viewer. Browse our great collection and order your Afrocentric canvas art for your home and the people you care about. We offer great prices on high-quality art that you'll be proud to display. Choose multiple pieces for a dramatic effect in your home or to offer to someone who deserves a beautiful reminder of their faith and pride as an African American.

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